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Boone Elementary PTA Every child. One voice.

Boone Elementary School, 8101 Croftwood Austin, Texas 78749
Contact Information
PTA President
Kirsten Gilman
(512) 292-4604

Boone Elementary
8101 Croftwood Austin, Texas 78749
(512) 414-2537

2014-2015 PTA Officers and Committees

Board President Hollie 512-573-1100
Membership Holt Haley-Walker 
Treasurer Andrea Rogalski
Secretary Heather Hanson
Room Rep Coordinator Serenity Lange 
Fall Fundraiser Chair Keri Cantu 512-922-9840
Spring Carnival Chair Sherina Warstler 512-567-8088
Student Enrichment Susan Alexander  

Kimberly Glessner

Tiffany Smith
Grounds and Safety

Rhonda Duhon

Principal Kathy Noack 512-414-5311
Teacher Representative Georgia Smith 512-282-7148
Parliamentarian Daniel Amador 512-351-3430
Communications Ellen Crofts 512-922-4807

PTA President - This person determines what will be covered at each meeting (by requesting input from the Board) and leads all meetings of the PTA and the Executive Board. Coordinate the work of the PTA Officers and Committees providing them with support when needed. Approve and sign all contracts. Make sure we stay in Budget. Act as the go-between between the PTA and the principal. This job requires quite of bit of cheerleading. As the President, you set the tone for the Board.

Vice-President Programs - This person plans the monthly PTA meeting nights organizing food or the event depending on the night. This includes Back to School night, the Fall Festival, Science Fair Awards night as well as general meeting nights. They might be required to work with different teachers, the principal, outside vendors and the like. Create flyers and emails to inform parents of these events. THey can use the PTA newsletter to accomplish this. Set the Program budget and stay in budget.

VP Room Representative / Volunteer Coordinator - This person recruits and organizes parents, teachers and community volunteers for PTA and school events and fundraisers. Start early and get email addresses for everyone. Room Reps are responsible for planning the Christmas and end of year parties as well as letting parents know when their teacher's birthday is. They also collect donations for the Spring Carnival baskets, and you coordinate all of this.

Secretary - This person writes the notes during the Board and general PTA meetings. Make sure to include all motions and votes. Send them out to the Board for approval. Keep records for the PTA. This is another position in which you will know everything about everything. It's a good first step to the Presidency.

Membership Chair - This person works with their committee to create a membership growth plan identifying the PTA's selling points and areas where they can improve. Work with the administration and teachers to create a buzz around membership season. Class pizza parties for the class with the most memberships is a good one!

Parliamentarian - This person loves details and poring over legal documents. Sound crazy? There are these people out there, and we need them. You can't vote, but you might be able to get a hold of a big gavel.

Grounds and Safety Chair - This person loves working the land. They have a passion for trees and plants, gardens and, yes, dirt. If you find yourself pacing out the measurements for a fish pond on the grounds at Boone, this is probably the position for you.

VP Fundraising - This person is responsible for the two annual fundraisers that the PTA holds each year. During the Fall, the fundraiser is traditionally a catalog fundraiser with prizes for the top-selling kids. During the Spring, the fundraiser is the Spring Carnival. You set up the Fall fundraiser finding the company that we will do business with. You work with the school closely to coordinate the timing of both fundraisers.

Treasurer - This person is in charge of all of the PTA money. You keep the books making sure it all balances in the end. You dispense money in accordance with the approved budget, and file all financial reports. The account will be audited by an independent party annually. You need to be detail-oriented and like Math... a LOT!

Yearbook Coordinator - This person picks the yearbook vendor based on price and features. They set the price of the yearbook and work to sell it through advertising and other merchandising activities. They take photos of all school events and create the pages layout and design by the due date to ensure that students receive their yearbook before the end of the school year. You are part paparazzi part marketing genius. Scrapbooking to the extreme!

VP Communications - The person in this position must make sure that the parents and community are informed about everything that is happening at the school. They write the PTA newsletter that is sent out every other week. They oversee flyers that are sent out. They maintain the PTA website and the calendar.

Student Enrichment Chair - This person is constantly looking for new opportunities for their children... and therefore all children at Boone. You pore endlessly over books and the internet looking for innovative programs that our kids can get involved in. If you find yourself saying, "Why can't Suzy build a nuclear reactor plant at school, then this is the position for you.

Historian - This person keeps records of the local PTA and what they're doing and what they've achieved. They also take pictures of events throughout the year. Sounds like a scrapbooker's dream to me.