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Boone Elementary School, 8101 Croftwood Austin, Texas 78749
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Boone Elementary
8101 Croftwood Austin, Texas 78749
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Welcome to Boone!

Whether you're a parent of your first Kindergartener or just new to Boone, it can be a little confusing figuring out how we do things. We'd like to explain to you what goes on at Boone. Hopefully, we'll cover everything here. If not, please email us at and ask us your question.

Super Basics: School starts at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2:45. (Pre-K students 7:45 – 2:00) Your child must be with their teacher at 7:45 to be considered on time. If your child is absent, please write a note explaining why and the dates and sign it. If you do not provide a note, the absence will be considered unexcused. Office Phone: (512) 414-2537 FAX: (512) 280-3307

CAFETERIA - We serve breakfast daily from 7:05 - 7:30 and lunch starts at 11 a.m. for the kindergarteners. Lunch money should be sent in a sealed envelope with the student’s name, teacher’s name, date, grade and amount, or parents can use the website to pay directly with a credit card. No checks will be accepted VISITS - Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit the school. All visitors must sign in at the front office and wear a visitor tag during their visit. You may bring lunch to your child and eat with them at a designated table in the cafeteria.

CHILD CARE - YMCA offers on site care after school for students in grades K-5. Their hours are 2:45 – 6:30pm. Please call 236-9622 for more information. Some area daycares that pick up students after school include Stepping Stone, Appletree Learning Center, South Austin Karate, Country Home, Kids Network, Children’s Courtyard, Tai Kwon Do, National Elite Gymnastics and Star Center Gymnastics.

THURSDAY FOLDERS - Every Thursday, your child's teacher will send home a blue folder with your child that will include flyers and information for you. Please sign the folder, read this information and send the folder back with your child the next day. Please don't put anything back in the blue folder as the teacher usually does not look at the folders again until the following Thursday. We are going green this year so most information will be dispersed via email, but you will still get some paper information.

ROOM REPRESENTATIVES - Each teacher has a parent who helps them out with the Thursday folders, making copies, planning parties, helping in the classroom and other various activities. If you have some free time and would like to volunteer as a room representative for your child's teacher, please contact Keri Cantu at for more information. If you only have a little time to give, let your teacher know how you can help. I know they will appreciate it.

FUNDRAISERS - Boone PTA holds two fundraisers a year, during the Fall and Spring. The Fall fundraiser is normally a catalog with various goodies to buy like cookie dough, gift wrap or pretzels. The Spring fundraiser is our Spring Carnival. This is open to Boone families and our neighborhood community. All may come and enjoy as well as volunteer. We have lots of fun game booths, rides, moon walks, vendors, food and music. We also have a silent auction during the day. The auction is made up of sponsor donations and gift baskets the parents have helped to create. We sell wristbands for the rides and tickets for the booths and food. We hold this carnival on a Saturday. We ask that parents volunteer at their teacher's booth for an hour or so on this day. It's lots of fun so don't miss out. There is more information on Spring Carnival on this website. The school holds fundraisers throughout the year as well.

PTA NIGHTS - Once a month, usually on the 3rd Thursday of the month, we hold PTA nights. These are fun events for the whole family. For example, we have two nights a year where we focus on physical activity. There's a Fall Festival, Science Fair, The Winter Program, Fine Arts Night and other great activities. There is more information on this website detailing the various PTA nights we will be offering. See you there!

YEARBOOKS - We compile, design and sell yearbooks every year. The PTA does not make a profit on this, but we provide this as a service to the students and parents.

VOLUNTEERS - We have a great group of parents who are very open to volunteering their time and talent to Boone Elementary. There are lots of ways to donate your time. Each teacher has various tasks they need help with, the librarian always has something going on and the PTA has several committees you can join. There are also several student enrichment activities such as Prime Time grant and other activities which need parent volunteers. We've struggled with getting the information out there so parents know we need help. Our hope is that this website and various other measures we are taking this year will result in better communication and less confusion. We are also trying to provide a way for parents to choose which committee they would like to volunteer for. Let us know what you need.